Updated: A representative for Verzcruz says the taco makers will be operating under the same name as always and that Littlefield will be the name of their host property. The address, 2401 Winsted, has been home to an apartment complex.

Who needs to buy pre-wrapped tacos at a coffee shop when you can go to one place and get both fresh?

That appears to be the thinking of two popular Austin brands, as Veracruz All Natural and Medici Roasting, makers of some of the best tacos and coffee in town, respectively, are teaming to open at Littlefield’s this fall.

According to an Instagram post by Veracruz All Natural, the space will be located at 2401 Winsted Lane, just west of Mopac, an area that is always in need of good dining options.

Veracruz has not offered much more information, though the Instagram post indicates there seems to be plenty of outdoor seating.

Veracruz currently operates two taco trucks, a taco window and a taqueria and Medici Roasting, formerly known as Caffe Medici, operates five current coffee shops in town.