While I was trying to write this post, a young person came into my office and interrupted me three times. First because she wanted chocolate. (You have to have lunch first.) Then because she couldn’t find the Tupperware container with leftovers for lunch. (It was in the front of the fridge.) And finally, because her teacher gave her a writing prompt she found boring. (Look kid, I can relate.)

This is the reality for almost every mom I know who is lucky enough to be able to work from home during this pandemic. My good days are littered with magical moments: spontaneous hugs, surprisingly insightful conversations, glimpses into my kids’ intellectual development I might otherwise miss.

On my bad days, I’ve got a story on deadline, an interview with a source and a quick hit blog to post and someone has an issue with a math problem that I haven’t the faintest idea how to solve.

For this week’s installment of the Monday Music Mashup, singer-songwriter and Sun Radio DJ Suzanna Choffel dropped by to talk about her new cover of the Supremes song “Someday, We’ll Be Together,” her weekly livestreams and mom life during the pandemic.

But her two young children had other plans. With a series of chaotic but charming cameos, they helped her lead a masterclass in multi-tasking through mom madness that I’m sure many of us will find relatable. Watch below.