"Long ago before we were all trapped in our homes, I started working on a new project," begins a note from Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka Shakey Graves, by way of introducing a new video documentary series that will air on Graves’ YouTube channel every Monday for the next few weeks.

"Hello Gorgeous Episode 1: Look Alive" kicks off the series and runs about 25 minutes. The first 20 minutes is a capsule documentary tracing Graves’ days playing as a one-man band with a suitcase drum in local clubs, up through his breakthrough Dualtone Records releases "And the War Came" and "Can’t Wake Up."

Along the way, Shakey Graves became more of a band than a man. Rose-Garcia introduces fellow musicians Christopher Boosahda, Patrick O’Connor and Jon Shaw in the course of the video, and he also gives viewers a peek inside Hello Gorgeous, a studio space he’s built out in the country south of Austin.

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It’s an informative documentary that’s full of Shakey’s typically unusual creative twists and turns, a habit he addresses toward the end of the documentary portion: "Me, least of all, takes myself that seriously. I make stuff because I’m curious, and because I like making stuff. ... I couldn’t be more excited about all the question marks that are in front of me."

Best of all is "Look Alive," the new song that concludes the video. Its trippy, dreamy, psych-folk vibe sounds like something new for Shakey Graves, while still clearly connected to past musical explorations. As a possible indication of where Rose-Garcia and his bandmates are headed next, it’s an intriguing and inspiring signpost.

Episodes two and three of the video series will debut at noon Central Time on April 20 and May 4, with the two Mondays between those dates earmarked for what Rose-Garcia describes as a "concert/hang/call-in/quiz show/me playing on my phone sesh for charity."

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