Since it was installed on the University of Texas campus in 2013, James Turrell’s Skyspace, "The Color Inside," has attracted more than half a million visitors to a pristine oval room with an oval eye exposed through its ceiling.

You should be next. Especially if there is music.

Turrell has been shaping light and space since the 1960s. UT’s "The Color Inside" is perched atop the William C. Powers Jr. Student Activity Center, a calming and welcoming building just east of Speedway, these days reserved almost exclusively for pedestrians.

The floor and seating in the oval room, which can comfortably seat about 25 people, are constructed of dark gray-to-black marble. Above that level is a high oval seatback, which makes it possible for seated visitors lean back to watch, not only the changes in the natural skyscape above, but also the subtly changing colors of the lighting underneath the ceiling.

While we watched during a partly cloudy sunset on Sunday, a jet strung out a fresh vapor trail that bisected the aperture, then drifted across the sky.


This austere space was warmed immeasurably during this visit by the sublime voice of Stephanie Bergara, who fronts the Selena tribute band Bidi Bidi Banda.

Partnered with an acoustic guitarist, Bergara’s notes drifted up into the canted space, wrapping us with their purity.

Every once in a while, Bergara, dressed in a brightly hued outfit, looked up into the Skyspace’s eye. It was impossible to avoid the impression that she was singing directly to Selena.