One North Austin brewery is diving into political waters with the release of its newest seasonal beer — Beto — a pale ale that brewers are hoping will inspire people to head to the polls in November to vote in the midterm elections.

Circle Brewing will debut the Beto beer on Aug. 18 at a party where you can register to vote. The beer is a nod to Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat challenging Republican incumbent Ted Cruz for his U.S. Senate seat. O’Rourke has made waves with his unconventional grassroots campaign, visiting all of Texas’ 254 counties and inviting a nearly unfettered view into his life with Facebook Live and other social media tools.

Though Circle supports O’Rourke’s campaign, the brewery wants to make clear to its fans that they don’t have to. The important thing is to be politically engaged, voting in the upcoming elections.

“Our goal (with the Beto beer) is not to drive a political wedge, but rather bridge the gap in an increasingly hostile and virulent political climate,” Circle co-founder Ben Sabel said in a news release. “We think the best way to do that is take a positive stand, openly and open-mindedly discuss pressing political issues, and most importantly, encourage fellow Austinites and Texans to participate in their democracy by voting for what they believe in.”

Be one of the first to try our newest seasonal beer, BETO BEER! This powerfully dry-hopped American Pale Ale, packs more kick than a donkey. Our Election Pale Ale is well-rounded, herbal, and unafraid to speak its mind. Your palate will feel like itís being hit with thousands of tiny snowflakes. Beto Beer is as fresh as a new face in Texas politics. Join us August 18th at the taproom for its release! Volunteer Deputy Registrars will be on hand to register voters. Beto Beer proceeds from the event will benefit @raicestexas! Link in profile for more info. #betofortexas #beto #atxevents

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