Need ideas on what kinds of mixed drinks to serve at your next party? Help with a tricky cocktail recipe? A first-of-its-kind bartender bot, called Barkeep, has launched to provide the guidance you need.

Austin-based booze company Tito’s Handmade Vodka joined forces with popular food and drink recipe site Allrecipes to "bring an artificial intelligence-powered virtual bartender" to cocktail lovers everywhere, according to a news release.

Barkeep, which is integrated with Allrecipes’ recipe flow, offers drink recipes from both Allrecipes and Tito’s, and once you’ve settled on the cocktail you want to make, you’ll be able to easily purchase Tito’s — and other ingredients — from alcohol delivery service Drizly. 

The bot works by drawing from a database of bartending terminology and knowledge and pulling recipes based on seasonality, popularity and accessibility, and your own designated preferences. In addition to the Allrecipes site, Barkeep is available for chatting via Facebook Messenger.

The Tito’s Vodka and Allrecipes collaboration was an easy one to make, according to the news release, because of data that says Allrecipes users are "21 percent more likely than the general U.S. population to have consumed Tito’s in the last six months."

Summery recipes like White Peach Sangria and Long Island Iced Tea are popular searches this time of year, according to Allrecipes, and Barkeep can suggest other cocktails you’ll want to be sipping in this 100-degree heat.


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