Blue Corn Harvest has been delivering a taste of 90s era Southwestern populism to Cedar Park for more than five years. A meal at the restaurant owned by Carlos Manzano and Santos Garcia starts with a warm corn muffin and sweet butter. Leave it to the Z’Tejas veterans to remind diners that the sweetness of a corn muffin and fried tortilla chips served with the mild heat of a pepper-flecked red salsa make for an oddly satisfying trio.

Three chili skillet chicken tacos at Blue Corn Harvest. (Matthew Odam/AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

You’ve got three taco options here and the two I tried were both build-your-own endeavors. Shredded chicken arrives in a little cast-iron skillet swimming with three chili salsa, the ancho and guajillo most pronounced in this stew with whispers of mole ($12.99, served with rice and beans). The sloshy dish is topped with melted cheese and pickled jalapenos and red onion desperate for a better developed tang. The sand dollar sized blue corn tortillas with which you wrap your chicken put up a stubborn fight and had little of the signature corn flavor.

Fried tilapia tacos at Blue Corn Harvest. (Matthew Odam/AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Blue Corn doesn’t make their namesake tortillas or the superior flour ones (I was told they came from the excellent Fiesta Tortillas in Southeast Austin), which wrapped blackened tilapia tacos ($12.99 with rice and beans) cut in half and resembling small burritos more than tacos. The blackening spices from Texas Spice Company in Round Rock buzzed the seared fish with cayenne and paprika and a touch too much salt, which was mellowed by a syrupy sweet ginger vinaigrette.

The order: Blackened fish tacos  

Note: Blue Corn Harvest serves a gluten-free menu, and for those who live more north than northwest, Blue Corn Harvest opened a Georgetown outpost last October.

Blue Corn Harvest. Cedar Park: 700 E. Whitestone Blvd. 512-528-0889,  Georgetown: 212 W. 7th Street, #105. 512-819-6018,


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