If you think you love pop-rock group Paramore, well, you probably don’t love them as much as this guy.

Meet Emory Harris, a Houston native who is a huge Paramore fan -- such a huge fan, in fact, he’s been to seven of their shows, according to Buzzfeed. 

Harris attended the band’s concert Friday night in Houston, and apparently, lead singer Hayley Williams recognized him from previous concerts. She invited him up on stage to sing along with her on "Misery Business" (she often invites fans up on stage during the song), and he absolutely nailed it. 

Shirtless and wearing track pants, with the stage presence of a seasoned performer, Harris launched into the bridge of the song and dancing along during a musical break. And when he reaches the chorus? It’s as if he wrote the song himself.

Try not to feel this guy’s infectious joy while watching this. Dare you: 

hayley was so flustered the entire time this man was on stage and honestly i donít blame her pic.twitter.com/4b0dS5Ki1i

— mackenzie (@macklynne_) July 14, 2018