If you use the Nextdoor app, you know it can be an interesting place. Originally created as a private social network for communities, it’s turned into a sometimes-bizarre combination of Facebook, Craigslist and the 311 app used to report non-emergency issues in Austin.

A Houston man has taken his use of the app to another level, listing what appears to be an authentic Pablo Picasso painting in the “for sale and free” section in the city’s Candlelight Oaks neighborhood.

According to John Kiger’s Nextdoor post, the art in question is a signed painting from Pablo Picasso’s “Blue Period” (between 1901 and 1904), is professionally framed and is valued at $15,000. And yes, it came with a certificate of authenticity. Kiger wrote the painting will be delivered to its new owner with security detail, and the exchange must take place at a Houston Police Department location or inside a bank to ensure safety.

Kiger didn’t say why he wanted to sell the classic piece of art, but he told CultureMap Houston that he “collects and appreciates ‘certain items’ and allows ‘others to truly enjoy them as well from time to time.’”

The Nextdoor listing says the painting has been sold since it was initially posted earlier this week, but the identity of the buyer and the final sale price is unknown.


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