Driving in Austin can sometimes feel like you’re playing a real-life game of Mario Kart.

These seven men took it to the next level, donning Mario Kart-themed costumes and riding motorized skateboards through the streets of Austin.

According to a video posted by YouTube user Patrick Lyons in April (and later shared by Inside Edition), the men posed as real-life versions of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the rest of the gang competing in the “UT Austin Cup,” racing through the University of Texas campus -- starting at the UT Tower and speeding through West Campus, down Guadalupe Street, back through campus and down Speedway. 

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They even snagged speedy mushrooms, avoided slippery banana peels, crashed into bushes and popped each others’ balloons, gaining attention from passerby (including one extremely upset-looking dog owner) as they raced along.

Watch the full video: