A Reddit graphic displaying a collaboration beer between Shiner and Whataburger has been struck down as fake by both brands.

It would have been the ultimate Texas collaboration, and we were all ready for it.

Rumors abounded this weekend that Whataburger and Spoetzl Brewery, makers of Shiner beer, were creating a beer together called none other than (you’ve guessed it, right?) Whatabeer Premium Lager. It would have been sold at Whataburger stores.

But that’s all they were — rumors that have been since discredited. The hubbub started with a graphic on Texas’ Reddit page, according to the Houston Chronicle, and quickly traveled to Facebook and Twitter. 

A Shiner spokesperson confirmed to the Chronicle the two beloved Texas brands are not teaming up to make a beer, Whatabeer or otherwise.

"We're not sure where the graphic originated and although we have love for Whataburger it is not a real collaboration," Eleanor Judge told the Houston Chronicle via email on Monday.

Whataburger also took time to dispel the rumor, telling a hopeful fan on Twitter this morning that "it’s fake. We don’t have plans to sell this product." 

It's fake. We don't have plans to sell this product

— WhataburgerŽ (@Whataburger) July 9, 2018 ]]