It all started with spicy ketchup.

Whataburger’s bacon is now for sale at H-E-B, as well as Central Market. The price varies by store. Contributed by Whataburger.

Two beloved Texas brands — Whataburger and H-E-B — have been in partnership for several years now, starting with condiments and now extending into pancakes, salsa and chips.

This week, the companies announced the latest product to join the Whataburger line at H-E-B: Hickory-smoked bacon.

Whataburger’s bacon is sold in one-pound packages. Contributed by Whataburger.

The one-pound packages will be sold at both H-E-B and Central Market, and the price varies by store. Whataburger’s sausage is already on store shelves.

Bacon is a popular addition to many burgers at Whataburger, and now you can add Whataburger’s bacon to your hamburgers at home. Contributed by Whataburger.

“Whether fans are topping mac and cheese or adding crumbles to baked potatoes, we’re proud to introduce Whataburger’s Hickory Smoked Bacon and make it easier than ever for fans to cook up their favorites from home,” Whataburger Vice President of Retail Mike Sobel said in a release. “H-E-B has been a great partner to us and we look forward to hearing about all the unique pairings our customers create with the newest addition to our grocery lineup.”