Franklin Barbecue after-hours. It’s not a scene you see often. But Franklin swings open the doors for Hi, How Are You? the official kick-off party for Hot Luck, the festival Franklin co-founded last year with Mike Thelin of Feast Portland and Mohawk owner James Moody. Here’s what went down.

Opening night is all about smoked meat. Franklin brought in Billy Durney from Brooklyn, who did a riff on his lamb banh mi from his Hometown Bar-B-Que; Daniel Vaughn, the barbecue editor (and amateur chef) at Texas Monthly; and Sam Jones (pictured), who served pulled pork sliders balanced with tangy cole slaw. (Credit: Teresa Robertson)

Chef Michael Fojtasek of Olamaie and his wife, filmmaker Anna Margaret Hollyman, didn’t hold back. (Credit: Teresa Robertson)

Chef and Munchies star Matty Matheson has personality to spare. The Canadian has been having a blast in Austin, and his Instagram stories are must-view material this week. (Credit: Alison Narro)

A Franklin Barbecue employee walked around handing out massive beef ribs and making a lot of people very happy. (Credit: Teresa Robertson)

Yeti mugs not only made for great swag but also for fantastic impromptu tables for plates of barbecue, as exhibited by festgoer Gina Jerram. (Credit: Teresa Robertson)

Elias Cairo of Olympia Provisions in Portland perfectly summed up the vibe of Hot Luck. He made rattlesnake and python chili for the Hot Snakes show at Mohawk. When asked if he had ever made the dish before, he responded, “No. Are you kidding me?” (Credit: Pooneh Ghana)

Aaron Franklin is always good for some cheeky humor. The lover of dad jokes sporting a Kitty Stardust t-shirt at his festival. (Credit: Matthew Odam AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Daniel Vaughn can’t just writer about smoked meat, he can also execute some tasty dishes. He and Miguel Vidal of Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ, smoked pork shoulder, sauced it and served it in a bun with jalapeno-dill relish. Another winner. What a showoff. (Credit: Matthew Odam AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

How good is Franklin Barbecue? KGSR and Texas Monthly’s Andy Langer slipped and busted his ass on the pavement at Franklin but was able to keep his plate aloft and unscathed. (Credit: Matthew Odam AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

Hot Luck co-founder James Moody (left, pictured with Lauren Stupak, chef Alex Stupak of Empellon in New York City and Matheson) on the first night of Hot Luck: “Everybody’s gonna go home smelling like smoke and whiskey, which is exactly what I wanted.”