Confession, I hate these days. Everyone gets amped up over a couple of tests. Kids who normally do fine on a test are suddenly
nauseated or hyper or groaning with dread. They don’t want to be there, and I’m betting most parents don’t want to send them
either, if given a choice.

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The pressure is on to make sure everyone gets a healthy breakfast, a few snacks packed and to school on time.

For teachers and principals, they’re judged on a handful of days a year. It’s a moment in time and not necessarily what kids
actually know.

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And yet, we do it. We send them, and we hope for the best.

Here’s this year’s calendar:


Fourth grade writing

Seventh grade writing

Fifth grade math

Eighth grade math

English I


Fifth grade reading

Eighth grade reading


English II


Makeup tests for this week

May 7-11

Algebra I


U.S. History

May 14

Third grade math

Fourth grade math

Fifth grade math retest

Eighth grade math retest

May 15

Third grade reading

Fourth grade reading

Sixth grade reading

Seventh grade reading

English III

Fifth grade reading retest

Eighth grade reading retest

May 16

Fifth grade science

Eighth grade science

Algebra II

May 17

Grade 8 Social Studies

May 18

Make up tests from May 14-17