Caroline Says, "No Fool Like an Old Fool" (Western Vinyl). From our Austin360 Artist of the Month feature on the band and its leader, Caroline Sallee: "‘No Fool Like an Old Fool’ was
recorded here in Austin, and is a bit quieter overall than its predecessor (2014’s "50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong").
That was largely dictated by Sallee’s living conditions, as it turns out. ‘I live in an apartment now,’ she explains, ‘versus
living with my parents, where I could be as noisy as I wanted. So I think that changed the vibe.’"
Check out the full story, with live videos from our studio, at Here’s the official video for the track "Sweet Home Alabama":


Melat, "Move Me II: The Present." American-Statesman/Austin360 writer Deborah Sengupta Stith observes: "With airy harmonized vocals and a cascade of white-blonde
curls, the Austin native
carries an otherworldly mystique. Her latest release, a collaboration with California hip-hop producer Jansport J, is a gorgeous collection of rainy day love
songs that coax the listener into her clouds." Playing April 6 at Stubb’s indoor. Here’s a live version of the track "Push,"
recorded at SXSW on the Radio Day Stage:


Patterson Barrett, "Give ’Em What They Want." Originally from the D.C. area, Barrett moved to Austin just in time for the first wave of the cosmic cowboy era, playing
on Jerry Jeff Walker’s self-titled 1972 album among others. His mid-’70s band Partners in Crime introduced fledgling Americana
talents Buddy & Julie Griffin. Buddy appears, along with old pal Gurf Morlix, on this album’s "3 Young Alleycats," a delightful
track that looks back at days they played together in the 1970s at Hole in the Wall. Miller and Morlix (along with Saxon Pub
fixture Walt Wilkins) also appear on the track "A Way Back Home." Other contributors to the album include Nashville troubadour
Jim Lauderdale on the country-twanger "Elephant in the Room," former Leonard Cohen singer Julie Christensen and bluegrass
fiddler Stuart Duncan. Release show April 10 at Saxon Pub. Here’s "3 Young Alleycats":


Mike Nicolai, "A Line Cook’s Guide to New Satanic Empires" (Rock Tumbler). Lately playing around town with a band as Mike & the Stares, this longtime Austin roots/indie singer-songwriter shines
on a dozen tracks that reveal a relationship with rock ’n’ roll that stretches across decades. Fitting, then, that his local-scene
collaborators on this album, which he co-produced with Mark Creaney, include members of old-school punk-pop band the Wannabes
as well as present-day indie-punk dynamo Sabrina Ellis (Sweet Spirit, A Giant Dog). This stuff is raw and real, full of wit
and passion. Release show April 7 at Hard Luck Lounge, in-store April 8 at End of an Ear. Here’s the track "Bitter Bombs":

Jarebear, "The Journey for the Giant Jelly Bean" (Burger).
There was plenty of talk this week about John Legend’s Easter-timed revival of "Jesus Christ Superstar." Frankly, we prefer
this brand-new rock opera sprung from the noggin of Austin musician Jared Leibowich, known for his work with local garage-rock
band the Zoltars. Accompanied by guitarist Justin Main, bassist Miranda Fisher and drummer Donald Gallaspy, Leibowich weaves
an epic, joyously ludicrous tale of conquest for an oversized candy nugget with mystical powers. If that’s not the true spirit
of the Easter Bunny, what is? Here’s the track "It’s the Giant Jelly Bean":


Lagoons, "Escape" EP. A new set of indie-synth-pop tunes from brothers Joey and Ryan Selan, who relocated to Austin from Los Angeles. Here’s the
title track:



Sideshow Tragedy, "The View From Nowhere" (Hand Drawn), release show April 12 at Continental Club.
Wood & Wire, "North of Despair" (Blue Corn), release show April 28 at Scoot Inn.
Greyhounds, "Cheyenne Valley Drive," release show April 13 at Continental Club.
Josh T. Pearson, "The Straight Hits!" (Mute).
Andy Macintyre, "Melomania" EP, release show April 14 at Antone’s.
Marcia Ball, "Shine Bright" (Alligator), in-store April 24 at Waterloo Records.
Ty Richards, "Welcome to Flat Earth."
Arkansas Dave, self-titled (Big Indie).
Willie Nelson, "Last Man Standing" (Legacy), playing July 4 at Circuit of the Americas.
Mobley, "Fresh Lies, Vol. 1."
Christy Hays, "River Swimmer" (Nine Mile), release show April 21 at C-Boy’s.
MAY 4:
Shakey Graves, "Can’t Wake Up" (Dualtone).
MAY 4:
Jeff Plankenhorn, "Sleeping Dogs."
MAY 11:
Marmalakes, "Please Don’t Stop" (Austin Town Hall).
MAY 18:
Kelly Willis, "Back Being Blue" (Thirty Tigers), release show June 2 at Stateside at the Paramount.
MAY 18:
Jason Boland & the Stragglers, "Hard Times Are Relative" (Thirty Tigers), playing May 19 at Dripping Springs Ranch Park.
MAY 18:
Chris Sensat, "Rye."
MAY 25:
Patricia Vonne, "Top of the Mountain," release show May 26 at Continental Club.
Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore, "Downey to Lubbock," release show June 2 at Antone’s.
Jesse Dayton, "The Outsider" (Blue Elan).
JUNE 15:
Jaimee Harris, "Red Rescue," release show June 14 at Antone’s.
JUNE 15:
Tish Hinojosa, "West."