March Madness is almost over. The Final Four, with matchups between Loyola/Michigan and Kansas/Villanova, respectively, is scheduled for Saturday, with the championship game scheduled for April 2.

But this blog isn’t about basketball. Rather, it’s about brackets. Lots and lots of brackets.

Filling out a March Madness bracket is a time-honored tradition for basketball fans. But those brackets are already started for you, with all the proper seeding that a proper tournament bracket needs. What happens if you don’t like basketball, but want to have a bracket anyway?

Well, the internet showed us in full force this March, with a bevy of pop culture brackets making the rounds in the last few weeks.

First it was the Kanye Madness bracket. (I am Team “Through The Wire” here, through and through, by the way.)

Kanye Madness Bracket
ok this was so hard especially the bottom right

— 'ziz (@LilAKVert) March 26, 2018

I know youíve all been waiting, and after much deliberation and prayer, I present to you my Kanye Madness bracket. I understand that I will probably lose both followers and friends over some of these picks, but thatís okay. Thank you all for you patience during this time.

— Bobby Leddon (@bobbyleddon) March 22, 2018