If you’re a backpacker, you know you can’t live on peanut butter crackers alone.

The Austin-based company Packit Gourmet is launching a new set of packaging for its popular backpacking meals. The new bags allow you to pour hot water directly into the bag to “cook” even without a stove. Contributed by Packit Gourmet.

Pam LeBlanc is the resident backpacking camper in the features department. I’m an avid car camper, which means I usually have a food box *and* a cooler to cook from while I’m outdoors.

But if you are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on a trail or anywhere you have limited access to cooking tools and supplies, which is what Pam did during her 15-day hike on the John Muir Trail, you will likely pack trail meals. These are usually dehydrated meals that only need hot water to “cook.” One of the leading companies in this space is Austin’s Packit Gourmet.

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This month, the company, which started in 2008 and is still based off Fitzhugh Road, released a new type of packaging that allows you to pour the hot water directly into the bag, which makes it more functional when you’re on a trail.

Another benefit of the new packaging is that they retain heat better than a bowl, so your food will stay hot. The square-shaped bags are color-coded by type of meal with easy to read instructions.

Austin’s Packit Gourmet sells a number of other brands on its website, including instant mixes for tea and coffee from Cusa and Alpine Start. Contributed by Packit Gourmet.

In addition to these new packaged meals, Packit Gourmet is also selling individually packaged dried drink mixes for iced coffee and tea from Alpine Start and Cusa Tea. You can find more than 100 backpacking-friendly grocery items on their site, packitgourmet.com.