This week brought some bad news and some good news for physical media fans.

First, the bad: Best Buy announced Tuesday that it will stop selling CDs in all of its stores nationwide starting in July due to a drop in sales. Target is also mulling a no-CD policy as well.

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(For those of you keeping track at home, CDs are these things that older millennials used to listen to before we found Spotify.)

The good news, for those of you who still care to purchase physical copies of albums (an album is a full set of songs with a cohesive theme released by an artist on one collection— ask your dad, or maybe Drake, about that), is that Austin’s own Waterloo Records has promised to keep selling CDs as long as there is a demand.

Don't worry. Waterloo Records is not abandoning CDs. We'll keep selling them as long as you want them.

— Waterloo Records (@WaterlooRecords) February 8, 2018