The Viceland Bus is headed back to South by Southwest this year, with a super cute twist.

The fully-refurbished party bus is taking over the parking 98 Red River St. (near the corner of Red River and Cesar Chavez streets) from March 10-13 during SXSW, promising “free stuff and baby goats.”

Being noticed is a part of SXSW. But the fest is a marathon, not a sprint. 1. Skip the pedicure. Seriously. Wear closed-toe, comfortable shoes or face the pain. 2. Pick up rain gear. There's almost always a rainy day during the festival. 3. Dress in layers. A lightweight jacket or sweater is a lifesaver. 4. Sunglasses are your friend, as is sunscreen. Do not underestimate the Texas sun. 5. Pack light. You're likely to encounter bag searches at some of the venues. 6. Be bold (but practical). Pull out whate

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It often attracts celebs, too -- for example, Grumpy Cat once made a guest appearance during SXSW.