It’s been a busy start to the year for the people who plan and schedule South by Southwest. Just in the past few weeks, they’ve added a handful of panels to an already full food track. As in years’ past, this year’s food panels and speakers cover everything from food media and restaurants to technology in agriculture and food innovation.

José Andrés has become an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, but he also became internationally known for his relief effort in Puerto Rico after last year’s hurricane. Contributed by Seth Browarnik via The New York Times.

José Andrés will join frequent SXSW speaker Andrew Zimmern to talk about his latest work in Puerto Rico, and Food Network mega star Tyler Florence will lead two panels, one about celebrity chefs and another about food technology.

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Iron Chef Cat Cora, OpenTable CEO Christa Quarles, former Food & Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin, cookbook author Christina Tosi and Helen Hollyman, the founding editor-in-chief of Munchies, are all involved in programming that will touch on the recent #MeToo movement and inequality in the food world.

Below, you’ll find all of this year’s food panels in chronological order, along with the appropriate hashtags and location. You’ll need a SXSW badge to attend these sessions.

Instagram and other visual media have changed how we think about food and how people in the industry tell their own food story. Several panels during this year’s SXSW will address this issue. Contributed by SXSW

March 10

5 to 6 p.m.

Kintsugi, the Art of Japanese Wellness:  Author and chef Candice Kumai will read from her forthcoming book, “Kintsugi Wellness,” which is about finding balance, peace and health through the modern application of ancient, traditional healing practices. #Kintsugi,  Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB

Milk Bar book signing: Christina Tosi, the author of several Milk Bar cookbooks and co-host of “Master Chef Junior” will sign copies of her latest in the SX Bookstore.

Bytes & Barolo: How Tech is Transforming Wine is a panel on March 12 that will discuss the many uses of modern technology in winemaking, wine marketing and wine consumption. Contributed by SXSW

March 12 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.The Evolution of the Eating Ecosystem: What does today’s connected kitchen look like? Tyler Florence will chat with Google Assistant’s Ye-Jeong Kim and Josh Sigel of Innit about how everyday eating technology is making cooking less complicated, stressful and time-consuming for home cooks. #EatInnit, JW Marriott, Salon ABMonk of Mokha: The Story of Yemeni Coffee: This is your chance to hear Mokhtar Alkhanshali’s heart-pounding story of being kidnapped in Yemen while on a coffee expedition in 2015. Alkhanshali grew up in San Francisco the son of Yemeni immigrants but didn’t know anything about the country’s long coffee history until he was an adult. After that experience in the ongoing Yemeni civil war, he is now using coffee to tell a much deeper story about what’s going on internationally. The co-founder of Sprudge, Jordan Michelman, will interview Alkhanshali, who is the subject of Dave Eggers’s latest nonfiction book, “The Monk of Mokha.” #monkofmokha, JW Marriott, Salon C11 a.m. to noonCook Out Loud: How to Create the Shift for a Better Restaurant Culture: Helen Hollyman, the founding editor-in-chief of Munchies, will lead a conversation with a handful of female chefs, including Ashley Christensen, Ashleigh Martin, Sarah Grueneberg and Carla Rza Betts, to talk about the transformative changes happening in the industry to reduce sexism and harassment in the restaurant industry. JW Marriott, Salon ABTaking Mass Extinction Off the Seafood Menu: The James Beard Foundation assembled this panel of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Sea Creatures Restaurants and Duna Fisheries to talk about practical ways to save at risk fish populations. #JBFImpact, JW Marriott, Salon C

Speaking Broadly: Live podcast recording with Dana Cowin and Martha Hoover: Longtime Food & Wine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin interviews this year’s winner of Eater’s Restaurant Empire Builder of the Year award Martha Hoover, who runs Patachou in Indianapolis. #speakingbroadly, Fairmont, Wisteria Room

12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Shaping the Future of Bread: Eater’s Matt Buchanan will interview Modernist Cuisine author Nathan Myhrvold about his new tome on bread. JW Marriott, Salon AB

Women Who Create & Curate Culinary Careers: Santana Caress Benitez of I’ll Cook Like Your Mother, Esther Choi of Mokbar & Ms. Yoo, Ashley Holt of Sugar Monster Sweets and Elle Scott of SheChef will talk about the importance of networks and community to the advancement of women and minorities in many culinary fields. #HerFoodStory, JW Marriott, Salon C

2 to 3 p.m.

The Restaurant of the Future: How will the pressures of restaurants today reshape the industry as a whole in the next five to 10 years? Joy Crump of Foode, Mitchell Davis of The James Beard Foundation, Arielle Johnson of MIT Media Lab and Josh Kulp of Honey Butter Fried Chicken & Sunday Dinner Club will talk about how consumer preferences, food and climate policy, social and economic change, gender and diversity issues, technological advances and other forces play a role in the evolution. #futureofrestaurants, JW Marriott, Salon AB

How to Build a Digital Brand and Cultivate Community: What’s Gaby Cooking blogger Gabriella Dalkin, Ellen Bennett from Hedley & Bennett and Kendall Coleman of Williams-Sonoma will talk about building brands and community in a content- and metrics-driven digital universe.  JW Marriott, Salon C

3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Changing the World Through Food: Jose Andrés, Dana Cowin and Andrew Zimmern will sit down for what will easily be the biggest food event of this year’s SXSW. Andrés has recently earned international acclaim for his recent work feeding thousands of hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico, but in this chat with Zimmern and Cowin, they will all talk about the revolutionary ways food impacts the lives of people around the world. Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EFG

Algae, Not Animals: The Plant-Based Revolution:Philip Bromley of Virun, Thomas Delauer of PuraThrive, Ben Kelly of Algarithm and Anita Norian of Kemin Human Nutrition and Health will talk about the new innovations in plant-based food products, including algae. JW Marriott, Salon C

Bytes & Barolo: How Tech is Transforming Wine: Camilla Marcus of TechTable, Florencia Palmaz of Palmaz Vineyards, Rob Wilder of Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup and Heini Zachariassen of Vivino will discuss the many uses of modern technology in winemaking, wine marketing and wine consumption. JW Marriott, Salon AB

5 to 6 p.m.

The Future of Food Delivery: Walmart executive Kelly Boyle will join Ben Lipson of Doordash and Robyn Metcalfe of Food & City magazine to talk about the many changes happening inside the global supply chain and food delivery industry, many of which are designed for consumers not to notice.  JW Marriott, Salon CInfluencing Food Culture & Policy Through Film & TV: Chefs Tyson Cole and Matt Moran will talk with Statesman restaurant critic Matthew Odam and Lydia Tenaglia of Zero Point Zero Productions about how TV and film is shaping both food culture and the food system and how they all approach storytelling. #filmfoodpolicy, JW Marriott, Salon AB

Technology, including artificial intelligence, is already helping farmers today. Learn how in a panel on March 13. Contributed by SXSW

March 139:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Inspiring the Next Creators: What Will They Create?: Marc Demarest will interview Eanes ISD superintendent Tom Leonard, Casey Smith of Cooking Up Cultures and Foo Swasdee of Dr. Foo’s Kitchen about keeping an eye on industry changes and adapting quickly. JW Marriott, Salon C

Plant-Based & Clean Meat Will Save The World! Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat, Alexis Fox of Lighter, Bruce Friedrich of The Good Food Institute and David Kay of Memphis Meats will talk about what’s happening on the cutting edge of food innovation that aims to reduce or eliminate industrialized agriculture, even as global meat consumption skyrockets. #FutureOfFood, JW Marriott, Salon AB

11 a.m. to noon

Pedaler’s Palate: Food, Cycling + How They Collide: Cyclists and food lovers Lentine Alexis, Kate Powlison, Alaina Sullivan and Tom Vanderbilt will talk about how motion impacts the way we crave what we crave, how it shapes our sense of taste, and how using a bike to get around or exercise impacts what we choose to eat and how we enjoy meals and food. JW Marriott, Salon C

The Community, Culture & Science of Barbecue: Davey Griffin of AgriLife Extension Service, “Hardcore Carnivore” author Jess Pryles, Ray Riley of Rosenthal Meat Center and Jeff Savell of Texas A&M will talk about the popularity of barbecue and the community around it, as well as the passion for learning the science behind the flavor.  Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande BallroomSilicon Valley to Restaurants: The Path to Equality: OpenTable CEO Christa Quarles will talk about why women are largely missing from leadership roles in both Silicon Valley and the restaurant industry and how you can implement strategies to create a more positive and inclusive company culture. JW Marriott, Salon AB12:30 to 1:30 p.m.Meet the Kitchen of the Future: Trends in Food Tech: Famed “Iron Chef” Cat Cora will join Jared Costa of Miele, Jane Francisco of Good Housekeeping and Carley Knobloch of HGTV will talk about how American cooks are actually using technology in their kitchens, including automation, smartphones and appliances that can help you cut down on food waste. JW Marriott, Salon ABModern Farms: Is the Future of Farming in Technology?:  Eliza Barclay of Vox will interview two very different farmers: Don Cameron of the 6,000-acre conventional California farm called Terranova Ranch and Fred Haberman, who runs Urban Organics, one of the country’s largest indoor aquaponics farms. #modernfarms, JW Marriott, Salon C2 to 3 p.m.Changing Restaurant Culture Meet Up: Alba Huerta of Julep and Alex Raij of Txikito will lead a meet-up about how the restaurant industry is responding to the #MeToo movement. JW Marriott, Room 209 New Mediums to Tell Authentic Food Stories: Shanna Keller of Whole30, Beth Lipton of Clean Plates, Sarah Russo of PRE Brands and Alex Snodgrass of The Defined Dish will talk about how much today’s influencer-based digital food culture relies on authenticity and transparency. Learn how brand marketers, news outlets, influencers and consumers can benefit from it. #foodstory, JW Marriott, Salon AB

AI Will Help Feed a Growing Planet: George Kantor of Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute will lead this session about how the agriculture industry is embracing artificial intelligence, not just for planting crops but for many steps of the agricultural process. JW Marriott, Salon C

3:30 to 4:30 p.m

Displaced Kitchens: Community Empowerment via Food: Jabber Al-Bihani Jr. and Nas Jab, who run a startup called Komeeda, will talk about the ways Americans are starting to address the policies that disempower marginalized communities and finding new ways to empower them through food. #eatKomeeda, JW Marriott, Salon C

Disruptive Tech in Your Home Cannabis Kitchen: With marijuana legalization sweeping the country, more food and beverage businesses are getting into the cannabis space, and this panel brings together four of them: Warren Bobrow of Cocktail Whisperer, Andrea Drummer of Elevation VIP Cooperative, Shanel Lindsay of Ardent and Caroline Rustigian Bruderer of K-Line Productions. JW Marriott, Salon AB5 to 6 p.m.Re-Imagining How America Can Reduce Food Waste: Anthony Bourdain won’t be at the festival this year, but Anna Chai, who directed “Wasted,” the food documentary his production company released last year, will be. She’ll talk about the epidemic of food waste with Marco Canora of Hearth, Kris Moon of The James Beard Foundation and Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank. JW Marriott, Salon C

What’s the latest news about GMO in food? Hear from a panel on March 14 during this year’s SXSW. Contributed by SXSW.

March 1411 a.m. to noon

The Biggest Threats to Your Brain and Health: Jess Barron of, Jeff Chean of Groundwork Coffee, Sarah Endline of Sweetriot and Peter Work of Ampelos Vineyard & Cellars will talk about how dependent the coffee and wine industries are on pesticides and what that means for consumers who love them both. JW Marriott, Salon C

The Era of Camera-First Food:  Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boite, Helen Todd of Sociality Squared, Thomas Schauer of Taste in Motion and Michael Friedl of Advantage Austria — a chef, social media expert, food photographer  and a diplomat — will talk about how much photography influences what we eat, from online and in-store grocery shopping to picking where we’re going to eat out next. #camerafood, JW Marriott, Salon AB12:30 to 1:30 p.m.A Progressive Food System Through Gene Editing: Michael Doane of The Nature Conservancy will lead a conversation with Matthew Crisp of Benson Hill Biosystems, Sara Eckhouse of FoodShot Global and Sanjeev Krishnan of S2G Ventures about how gene editing can empower “a robust community of innovators to tap the natural genetic diversity of plants and develop more nutrient-dense crops, scale local indoor agriculture, manage diseases with less pesticides and use natural resources more efficiently.” JW Marriott, Salon C

We All Scream For Ice Cream: Building A Movement: Maryellis Bunn, founder of the Museum of Ice Cream, will talk about her Miami playland dedicated to sweets. JW Marriott, Salon AB

2 to 3 p.m.

Food Mktg Claims – The Equivalent of “Fake News”?:  Jay Hill of USFRA, Culver’s executive Joseph Koss, Rebecca Larson of the Western Sugar Cooperative and nutrition consultant Rosanne Rust will talk about the effects of what are called “absence claim-based products” to their product lines, but these foods have marketing claims that can have negative effects on a company’s reputation. JW Marriott, Salon C

The Original Celebrity Chefs & Restauranteurs: Food Network stars Tyler Florence and Amanda Freitag will talk with Ti Martin of Commander’s Palace and Noah Rothbaum of The Daily Beast will gather to talk about the first generation of celebrity chefs, going all the way back to Auguste Escoffier, and why many of these pioneers are forgotten in this most recent culinary boom. JW Marriott, Salon AB

3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Mesopotamia to Millennials: Beer & Food Connection: How have food and beer been connected, from their inception to today’s craft beer and gastropub craze? That’s what Alison Tozzi Liu of the James Beard Foundation, Jake Maddux of the Brewer’s Table, Richard Martin of Food Republic and Caroline Wallace of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild will discuss. #foodandbeer, JW Marriott, Salon AB

GMO 2.0: Beyond Monsanto: Canadian fruit grower Neal Carter will join Roots of Change founder Michael Dimock, “Food Evolution” director Scott Hamilton Kennedy and Diana Horvath of 2Blades Foundation will talk about how GMOs are bringing about major changes to the food system to reduce food waste and pesticides and make a more equitable food system. #beyondmonsanto, JW Marriott, Salon C

5 to 6 p.m.

Teaching Old-School Restaurants New Tech Tricks: Chefs Sam Hellman-Mass of Suerte, Kati Luedecke of Killa Wasi and Thomas Nguyen of Peli Peli come together to talk about how technology has changed the way we see, cook, eat and even get food delivered, but restaurants are the serious “old dogs” refusing to learn new tricks. So why do restaurants cling to their old-school ways and how do they change? JW Marriott, Salon C