Snoop Dogg gives former Westlake QB/ Super Bowl ring-winner Nick Foles a shout-out in his brand new song, “Doggytails.”

“Nick Foles with it — get it?” Snoop raps. “I be the backup, second in line, see when I get in, you ain’t gettin’ no more time. I’m free as a bird.” (A reference, obviously, to Foles’ one-time back-up status.)

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Snoop’s sports fanaticism is well known -- he’s especially partial to football. 

Snoop (government name: Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.) served as a volunteer coach for his son’s team in the Orange County Junior All America Football League in the early ‘00s.

He continued to coach between studio sessions and tours in the Snoop Dogg Youth Football League, as captured in the Netflix documentary series “Coach Snoop.” 

Anyway,here’s the song, which features Kokane. (The rapper, not---look, nevermind.)