If you’re an American-Statesman reader, you probably spotted actor Matthew McConaughey’s full-page ad congratulating Austin native Nick Foles on his Super Bowl win. Foles appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday and dished a little bit about his ATX roots and his connection to the “Dazed and Confused” star.

“Besides the MVP, you got another honor in the local newspaper,” Kimmel said before showing the Statesman ad on the screen. “Matthew McConaughey took out a full page ad to congratulate you.”

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When Kimmel asked if Foles knows McConaughey, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said, “You know, Matthew goes to church where my family goes, and I actually met him once when I was coming out for the draft. Obviously I’m a huge fan of all his work, everything he’s ever done.” 

McConaughey has opened up in recent years about his religious life and reportedly attends Riverbend Church in Austin. Foles is well-known for his outspoken Christian faith and has said he plans to become a pastor after his NFL career is over.

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There’s at least one thing that Foles and McConaughey disagree on, though: the actor’s fandom for the NFL team from Washington, D.C., which Kimmel pointed out.

“He has to deal with that,” Foles said. “I can’t save him there. But I also know we’re both Texan, and those roots go deep.”

Later in the interview, Foles also explained he likes Uggs, just like Tom Brady. Just in case you were wondering. Watch the interview below.

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