Life happens, as the Tweet from LeRoy & Lewis said this afternoon. What that means in this case is that the barbecue truck from chef Evan LeRoy and Sawyer Lewis is closed until next Wednesday.

Mac-and-cheese-stuffed smoked quail at LeRoy & Lewis.

The closure comes as a result of some personal matters that have taken the duo away from town. Rumor-mongerers and bored guessers need not look for mysterious or portentous reasons, as the closure is simply a matter of life happening and timing. The truck will be up and running at full steam next Wednesday.

If you end up over at Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden, you can still check out the newly relocated Pueblo Viejo taco truck.

Well, life happens and sadly we'll be closed this week but look forward to getting back up and running next Wednesday

— LeRoy and Lewis (@LeRoyandLewis) February 14, 2018