The votes are in and the winner of Austin360’s 2018 Cutest Couples Contest is...

Mitch and Kelly!

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Here’s what the cute couple wrote with their submission:

“We met during the summer of 2013 and started hosting monthly social events for lesbians, AKA “Lesbutante & The Boss,” solely as friends. I (Mitch AKA The Boss) was of course madly in love with Kelly (AKA The Lesbutante) from the second I laid eyes on her. After hosting these monthly events together for almost a year as friends, we finally took the leap and became a couple. The funny thing was that people already assumed we were a couple because of the amazing chemistry we had from day one that showed in our pictures. Let’s just say, I chased her and tried to make her extremely jealous for that entire year ­čśë until she finally gave in. Ever since then our business, which is more of a “labor of love” for the local Austin LGBT ­čĆ│´ŞĆ‍­čîł community, has flourished right along with our amazing relationship. Everyone loves our pictures and the main reason as to why I’m entering us into this contest is because someone who thinks we are the “cutest couple ever” suggested it. 

It was so hard narrowing it down to one photo, but this particular one was taken of us at one of our best friend’s wedding in San Antonio at the Hotel Havana. We got in the elevator with the photographer and the rest was history. “

Congrats, Mitch and Kelly! 

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