Martha Stewart came out of prison a changed woman.

No longer confined to the precious perfectionism of her previous culinary career, the famed TV host first hit the news shows
to talk about the friends and crafts she made while
serving five months back in 2004. "I’ll be back," she promised, not for committing a crime — she always maintained innocence to the insider trading claims
— but as a member of the community.

She was 62 then, and in the past decade, Martha has reinvented herself, most notably with her friendship and business partnership
with Snoop Dogg, with whom she
hosts a cooking show.

In yesterday’s Super Bowl, however, Stewart took it one step further: Appearing in a commercial for Jack in the Box.


As much as I liked the H-E-B commercial for its
Quest for Texas Best competition — or its
"Spurs Retirement Vehicle" ad promoting the store’s curbside pick-up — I think I’ve decided this Martha Stewart commercial might be my favorite of the

What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial? Did Martha make the right move by agreeing to promote fast food?

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