Mike Stellfox takes a break from snowboarding to take in the view at Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

I’ve landed in Colorado this week to check out what’s new at some of the resorts.

First on my list? Steamboat Springs. Did you know you can catch a direct flight from Austin to Steamboat on Via Air?

Riding a lift to the top of Steamboat Springs resort. Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

This morning I managed to track down some friends from Austin for a day of downhill skiing. The resort got some snow two days ago, and more is in the forecast. Today’s skies were gray as dryer lint, and we headed to the trees and bump runs for fun.

You know you’re almost at Steamboat Springs when you start seeing signs for F.M. Light & Sons mercantile. Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

Tomorrow I’ll be doing the same, and on Tuesday I’m going to attempt to learn how to ski jump. (Yep, that huge jump that they do in the Olympics, only I’m going to start with a baby jump. I hope.)

On Wednesday I’m packing my bags and  heading down to Copper Mountain for a few more days of skiing.

Nothing like a beer on the porch to wrap up a day of snow skiing at Steamboat. Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman

Got any suggestions for me while I’m here? Fire away!