Advanced sommelier Scott Ota, formerly of Austin, knows his wine and how to pair it with food — so he’d be a natural expert to ask about food pairings of any kind, right?

Whataburger, Texans’ favorite fast food joint, sure thinks so. He has filmed a segment featured on Whataburger’s website sharing what drink best goes with a current meaty special, the Mushroom Swiss burger. 

And the beverage is probably not what you’re thinking it is — it’s not even alcoholic.

"The Whataburger Mushroom Swiss burger is a meal to savor," according to Whataburger. "So we asked a sommelier for his recommendations on how to pair this limited time offer with the perfect drink from our restaurant lineup."

Otta, who now works at San Antonio’s High Street Wine Co., had only one suggestion to make: a good ole Coca-Cola. 

"What kind of really stands out to me is the Au Jus sauce and the richness of the cream with the hardiness of the burger, and I think a classic pairing together would be a traditional Coca-Cola," Ota said in the video. "Something with carbonation to kick through the richness and that dark kind of flavor profile, to match that with the Au Jus."

Whataburger with a Coke — you really can’t go wrong with that classic combination.