Don’t be surprised if a Texan wings a taco at your car while he or she is crossing the street (assuming a Texan would waste a taco like that).

The folks at Insurance Quotes surveyed 500 pedestrians and 500 drivers (not entirely sure of the methodology here but just stick with me) about “about the hazards and conflicts they’ve experienced personally. From lewd gestures to life-threatening maneuvers, our respondents revealed just how maddening and menacing driver and pedestrian behavior can be.”

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They found that Texas pedestrians are more likely to throw an object and strike a car on the road than the US state average.

According to their study, Texas drivers reported they've experienced a pedestrian throw something at their vehicle more than the US average. 

Check it: according to this study, 21 percent of Texas pedestrians report aggressively striking a vehicle, a number which is above the national average (17 percent). 

Here's a link to the full study.

But let’s face it, nobody will ever throw a cup of coffee at a car quite like this fellow (starts at 1:26).