John Mills Times Ten, "Flying Blind" (Fable).
Of all the Austin jazz acts whose downtown home base is the Elephant Lounge, this one is probably the biggest. It’s called
John Mills Times Ten because the longtime local saxophonist’s backing crew is 10 players strong. Everything about "Flying
Blind," a follow-up to the 2010 debut "Caffeine Dreams," is big, from the fullness of the arrangements to the 75-minute run-time
of its dozen tracks. Mills has a considerable resume, with impressive credits in jazz (Steve Swallow, Carla Bley) R&B
(Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt), country (Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett) and beyond. Compositionally, this is sophisticated stuff,
but then again, most anyone who enjoys instrumental music that puts the horns up front will probably dig the ensemble’s lively
and wide-open sound. In the liner notes, Mills writes: "We are reaching for music that is simultaneously physical, cerebral
and soulful, and my big influences, who cross every stylistic boundary, have always proved that to be not just possible, but
irresistible." That’s as good a summary of "Flying Blind" as any. Mills’ mates are Rich Haering, Eric Johnson and Adrian Ruiz,
trumpet; Jake Lampe and Joey Colarusso, saxophone; Michael Mordecai, trombone; Hank Hehmsoth, piano; Russell Scanlon, guitar;
Kriss Afflerbaugh, bass; and Rob Kazenel, drums. Justin Vasquez (sax) and Jon Blondell (trombone) also appear as guests. "Flying
Blind" apparently was the final studio project of engineer Spencer Starnes, who died last summer; the record is dedicated
to him. Release show Jan. 10 at Elephant Room. Here’s video of the band in action at that venue a couple of years ago:



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