"He’s not scared to jump into anything." 

That’s what a neighbor of Brandon "Moose" Johnson said about the Nederland man, the subject of a new short film from Yeti.

Moose has worked on cars for most of his life, but "up until this last storm, she hardly ever left the shop," he said of his massive truck, which finally fulfilled its purpose during Hurricane Harvey, when the Nederland area was hit hard during the storm’s second landfall in Texas.

The fire trucks couldn’t handle the water. 911 was inundated with calls. Residents took to social media to beg for help.

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"I knew that I had the ability sitting here in the shop to go do what I needed to do," Johnson said in the video.

A friend of Johnson’s wife, whose daughter had a newborn baby, needed help, so she turned to Facebook. Johnson saw the plea and texted his buddy Aaron Barnett and asked if he’d be able to help him.

"I wasn’t going to let him go by himself," Barnett said.

So they took the truck and drove into the floodwaters to rescue the woman, her daughter and the two-week-old baby.

"Once I got them out and word got around that I was moving people to higher ground, it was one call after another, one message after another," Johnson said.

For most of the night, Johnson drove the truck while Bennett jumped out to help those who needed it, sometimes maneuvering through water that was over his head.

Watch the video here: