Cherubs’ 1994 album “Heroin Man” (originally on Trance Syndicate) is a stone-cold classic of Austin noise rock. Original LPs fetch around $142 on

Heck, LP reissues with fancy handmate art goes for around $150. 

(That said, original CDs can be found for $20 to $45 or so and CD reissues can be found for $5.)

Anyway, the fine people at Amphetamine Reptile Records, which reissued the album in the fancy-pants art edition earlier this year, are pressing another 200 copies of the LP, now with regular sleeves.

No, he's not actually dead.

They did two versions, 100 copies of each, which will be available at noon Jan 3 at

A mere 200, you ask? Well, AmRep, as it is known, doesn’t have a lot of storage space in the year 2017. They make a small batch, ship it and move on. 

Cherubs guitarist/wailer Kevin Whitley destroys passers-by at Mohawk Dec. 15 (photo: Joe Gross, who really shouldn’t be allowed to take photos with his phone)

For their part, Cherubs have been back making music and playing shows for a few years now. 

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Their 21st century recordings, the LP “2 Ynfynyty”and the “Fist in the Air” EP are essential listening for the contemporary consumer of finer rock musics.