So there are these two guys who play cello.

They are called...

wait for it


2Cellos is a Croatian cellist duo, Luka Šulic and Stjepan Hauser.

Dudes have been signed to Sony Masterworks since 2011 and cranked out four albums of instrumental arrangements of well-known pop songs, classical and film music. They have been on TV all over the place and they are coming to the Frank Erwin Center Jan. 18. Tickets are $19.50 for nose bleeds to $59.50 for orchestra. There are also VIP and meet and greet packag--

Wait a minute.

Two Croatian guys who play cellos are playing THE ERWIN CENTER?

Well, here is the thing.

They are insanely popular.

And look like this:

I mean, dang.

Which cannot hurt.

They once covered Michael Jackson’s "Smooth Criminal" to the tune of 27 million YouTube views since 2011.

They have played with Elton John and been on "Ellen" and "Glee." The video of them playing AC/DC’s "Thunderstruck" to folks in powdered wigs has clocked 102 million views.