When geneticist and UT graduate Spencer Wells wrote “The Journey of Man” in 2002 and then became the Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic’s Genographic Project, he couldn’t have predicted the booming consumer genetics industry that would follow.

Now, of course, we can send off a DNA sample and receive medical and ancestral information unheard of when Wells was a student in Austin, but now that he’s lived and worked all over the world, the co-owner of Antone’s is back in Texas and working on his latest project, Insitome, a consumer genomics company. After sending in a saliva sample, customers can learn about the specifics aspects of their genetic makeup, such as how their skin recovers from sun damage or how they process alcohol or caffeine.

For this week’s episode of “I Love You So Much,” Wells joined us in the studio to talk about his latest entrepreneurial effort, why Americans are so fascinated by their ancestral past and how innovations in the field are changing how humans tell their own stories.