You know it, I know it, your neighbors know it: Austin is lousy with folks who just will not throw away their stuff.

Austin’s garages, its sheds and its crawl spaces are filled with plenty of objects from the good old days, be those the 90s rock/tech boom, the 80s oil boom and bust, the cosmic cowboy 1970s, the ‘60s and earlier. (See also our fair city’s pawn shops and vintage emporia for the full story.)

Are you one of those people? Would you like to get rid of some of your cooler, possibly rusting objects? Well, the “American Pickers” are coming to town.

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Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of the History Channel's program "American Pickers," will be in Texas in December and January looking for stuff to highlight on their hit show.

On the show, Wolfe and Fritz, well, pick through American history via the rare bits of Americana that they purchase (or decline to purchase) and resell.

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If you have stuff you’d like them to see, give them a holler at or call 855-653-7878. (Private collections only, please.)