If you think you’ve seen Austin change, try looking at it through the eyes of Esther’s Follies co-founder and performer Shannon Sedwick and local author Jesse Sublett.

The iconic comedy troupe Esther’s has been performing in downtown Austin for 40 years, and they’ve skewered everyone from local politicians and ne’er-do-wells to pop culture pioneers and rabble-rousers. As the years pass, the troupe continues to draw crowds on Sixth Street, but Sublett and Sedwick knew it was time to document Esther’s history in a book. This fall, they released “Esther’s Follies, The Laughs, The Gossip, and The Story Behind Texas’ Most Celebrated Comedy Troupe” ($29.99), a 200-page coffee table book. They discuss it with us in the studio as well as sharing stories from the group’s 40 years.