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Rising Austin-based artist
Lesly Reynaga gained recognition in the Live Music Capital of the World as a featured soloist of the
University of Texas Mariachi Paredes de Tejastitlán. Her skills were also showcased in the 2012 ZACH Theatre/Teatro Vivo musical "Mariachi Girl." Now, Reynaga’s bilingual pop-rock
grooves represent a new phase of her musical career.

The singer-songwriter today debuts her five-song EP "Fool’s Paradise," with a Day of the Dead
album release party at 11 p.m at Barracuda (611 E. Seventh St.). The EP includes original songs as well as a cover of "Spanish Words" by Austin
musician Charlie Sexton.

"Everyone goes through different stages in life that make you question your choices, and "Fool’s Paradise" is my take on facing
such a challenge through my own individual experience," Reynaga said. "I hope that my songs are able to convey the idea that
to every moment of obscurity there is also light, and that no single individual is ever alone in the struggle of finding one’s
self-identity. "

"Fool’s Paradise" was produced by musician, composer and producer Michael Ramos at his Brown Recluse Studio. Ramos, of Charanga
Cakewalk fame, has toured and recorded with artists such as Paul Simon and Shawn Colvin. In 2014, he teamed up with award-winning
musician Gina Chavez for her
Latin folk-pop album "Up.rooted."

Following her album release, Reynaga – who is also the editor of TODO Austin – plans to perform in New York City.

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