It’s almost Halloween (also known as everyone’s favorite holiday), which means it’s time to bust out the candy bars, the pumpkin-scented candles and, of course, the spooky films. If you’re needing some movies with a little less gore and a lot more of family-friendly feel, you’re in the right place. Check out our list of 20 Halloween flicks that you and your kids will love. 

Hocus Pocus: This 90s drama is centered on a group of kids who try to steal three witches’ spell book. It’s also a Halloween classic. (Fun fact: Disney is in the process of remaking the movie.)The Nightmare before Christmas: With a nearly 100 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes, ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ is a spooky must-see flick. Casper: Everyone loves Casper, the friendly ghost, especially kids. Don’t forget to catch the movie this fall. 
RELATED: Check out these pumpkin carving events around Austin. Casper Meets Windy: Just in case you didn’t get enough of Casper after the original movie, don’t forget about ‘Casper Meets Windy’ -- it’s less popular, yet equally entertaining counterpart. 

“Coraline” is among the movies that will be shown as part of Regal Cinemas’ summer movie series.

Best betsCoraline: The creepiest movie of all time. No competition.   
Monster House: This cartoon follows a group of kids as they try to defeat a malevolent creature in their neighborhood’s haunted house. They’re trying to get the job done before Halloween, when the creature would have the chance to nab trick-or-treating children.  
Halloweentown: This is a classic Disney movie that deserves to be watched again year after year. 
The Addams Family: Who doesn’t love ‘The Addams Family?’ Both the original and the second revision are a little too good to skip during the Halloween season.  
?RELATED: 13 bloody good films for Halloween. ?Hotel Transylvania: ‘Hotel Transylvania’ is a cute family-friendly story that follows a group of monsters who are tired of hiding their true identities. Everything is going well until a human lands in the resort. This is a lighter movie your kids are sure to love. 
The Haunted Mansion: Is it even the fall season if you don’t watch ‘The Haunted Mansion?’ Although it has (and honestly deserves) infamously low reviews, the flick still warrants a watch from time to time. 

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TimeScooby-Doo: Another crowd favorite, ‘Scooby Doo’ is the perfect mixture of spooky and silly that the whole family is sure to love. 
Tower of Terror: This classic spooky movie inspired its own ride at Disneyland parks. ?RELATED: 13 video games to scare you into the Halloween spirit. ?It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown: Although Charlie Brown could never be classified as “spooky” under anyone’s definition of the word, the series is necessary for every holiday, including Halloween. 
Scared Shrekless: We mostly included this movie because we didn’t realize it existed. How did no one mention this? 

How better to celebrate 30 years of one of the most beloved movies of all time than to watch it on the big screen like it’s 1984 again? Specter-destroyers Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and the vastly under-appreciated Ernie Hudson collectively defined everything we enjoy in ‘80s cinema, unleashing a supernatural adventure that busts funnybones as well as ghosts. Together, the four hopped in a converted ambulance and made an entire decade safe for hilarity, action and trans-dimensional demon combat. 7:15 p.m. Wednesday. $10. Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane, 5701 W. Slaughter Lane. 512-861-7060,

Ghostbusters: We recommend catching the original 80s version. But if your kids are wanting something a little less cheesy, a new ‘Ghostbusters’ was released in 2016. 
Monster Squad: A monster fan club meets some of the most famous scary figures (think Dracula) in this 
Beetlejuice: Although your kids may complain about the graphics, any movie that’s creepy and features Wionna Ryder deserves some playing time. 
?RELATED: Five places to watch scary movies in Austin. ?James and the Giant Peach: Based on the popular children’s novel, “James and the Giant Peach” is never not a great way to spend an Autumn evening.  
Frakenweenie: This flick is yet another spooky favorite for Halloween. 
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