There’s a reason some Texas homes are sold with hefty discounts -- they could have been the location of a gruesome crime scene.

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The Houston Chronicle is reporting that some Texas homes are purposely discounted because they were the scene of murders or other gruesome events. 

The Texas Association of Realtors says home sellers should include whether or not the home was the site of a murder in the seller’s disclosure, a document that sellers fill out about properties. But it’s technically in a legal gray area. Regardless, TAR recommends that sellers disclose the information.  

"Since a murder occurring on the property might be considered a material fact a buyer would want to know, it's prudent for sellers to disclose," the TAR website said. 

Homeowner Nir Golan in Seabrook recently asked for his money back after he purchased a home with a less-than-shining reputation, according to the Chronicle. Golan found out the previous owner was a sexual predator and was shot to death in the home. Golan told KHOU-TV, "he wouldn't move into the house now if the owners paid him."

So if you’re in the market for a home, and you find one with a price that’s too good to be true, it just might have a creepy backstory. 

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