When you think of Taylor Kitsch, you might picture him like this, as Tim Riggins in the 2006-2011 TV series “Friday Night Lights.”

Taylor Kitsch, right, plays Tim Riggins and Minka Kelley plays Lyla Garroty in the TV version of "Friday Night Lights." AMERICAN-STATESMAN 2007

Or maybe like this:

Dean Hendler/© NBC Universal, Inc.

Or maybe you think of him like this:

Dean Hendler/© NBC Universal, Inc.

(Hey, who am I to judge?)

Kitsch has gone on to other roles, including the ill-fated second season of “True Detective” (RIP, Colin Farrell’s mustache), but Riggins is still perhaps his best-known character. 

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Maybe that’s about to change.

Kitsch stars as cult leader David Koresh in “Waco,” a six-part series coming to the Paramount Network in 2018. The trailer dropped Tuesday, and let’s just say this ain’t no Tim Riggins.