Tuesday night, Bee Cave bakery Baguette et Chocolat shut down its company Facebook page after receiving an onslaught of bad reviews. The bad reviews were the result of the bakery’s owners’ "no guns" policy, which they enacted after a customer and known gun advocate came into the store carrying a gun.

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The customer, "The Truth About Guns" publisher Robert Farago, said he forgot he was carrying and left once police asked him to vacate the premises. Later, he wrote about the experience on his blog. Not long after that, one-star reviews started appearing on Baguette et Chocolat’s Facebook page, prompting the owners to issue a statement voicing their intentions to close the Facebook page.

And in the wake of all that, an "eat-in" has been staged at the bakery for this weekend to show support for the owners.

Since this story first appeared on the American-Statesman’s site, it has nearly a thousand comments and has been shared on social media hundreds of times. 

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Here are some of their responses:

He didn't forget anything. He was merely pushing back at a business that wouldn't give in to his wants.

— Orion Gallagher (@Baron_Padraig) September 20, 2017

".......I was with an attractive young lady......" (curious comment to me.)

— The FringeArmada (@thefringearmada) September 20, 2017