Today is National Gibberish Day. I know, you didn’t even buy a card or take the day off or anything. Coming on the heels of its more famous sibling — International Talk Like a Pirate Day — National Gibberish Day has no discernible significance or history. It is, fittingly, little more than calendar gibberish.

Let’s make a thing out of it.

Today we are counting down some of the best popular culture characters who spoke gibberish. Let’s get some ground rules out of the way first.

Limited speech is not gibberish: Sorry, Hodor and Groot and Animal from the Muppets. You do say your word(s) quite well.

Mumbling is closer, but still not gibberish: Sorry, Milton from "Office Space." 

Different languages are not gibberish: Sorry R2-D2 and Chewbacca. You guys are actually very eloquent, I’m sure.

I’m not getting into trouble for this gibberish: Sorry, no links to Brad Pitt’s f-bombing Irish Traveler in "Snatch" and I’m not touching Mushmouth from "Fat Albert." Neither he nor Bill Cosby have aged well.

With that in mind, let’s count them down:

No. 10. The teacher from "Peanuts"