If regular old vinyasa yoga can leave you feeling whole and centered, then a yoga session with cute barnyard animals — namely, adorable baby Nigerian Dwarf goats — must feel downright miraculous.

No wonder it’s become an actual thing. Goat yoga, in which people exercise while goats roam among the mats, has popped up in places like Oregon, where a goat yoga-hosting farm offers classes with 1,200-person-strong waiting lists. It came to Dallas this summer. And now our very own Austin has such classes, too.

Rachael Phillips and her boyfriend, Trey Kitchen, created their goat yoga business, Goga, over Labor Day weekend with the help of his mom, a goat breeder, according to KVUE. The first class, held yesterday, sold out in 30 minutes.

It looks to have been a total success thanks to those baby Nigerian dwarf goats, which were dressed in costumes with diapers on. (KVUE’s story has a video of it, but beware the cuteness overload.) Participants not only got to pet the baby goats — the little guys were also balanced atop their backs. The goats bleated, curled up on mats, and were all-around adorable.

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