The Suffers are an eight-piece Gulf Coast soul band from Houston. Kam Franklin, the lead singer is a force of nature, cranking out high voltage hooks while radiating warmth and charm. ¬†They landed in the national spotlight after they scorched a set on one of David Letterman’s final shows,¬†and they were fabulous at Austin City Limits Fest 2015. The band’s identity is so tightly wrapped with their hometown that they actually appear in a tourism video for the city.


In the wake of the catastrophic flooding in Houston, Franklin took to Twitter to defend Mayor Sylvester Turner’s decision not to evacuate the city, by sharing the story of her harrowing evacuation from the city during Hurricane Rita in 2005.

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“There’s a huge difference between evacuating a city like Houston (2.4 Million) and Corpus Christi (326K),” she said, after opening a lengthy Twitter thread by calling out armchair analysts decrying her city’s mayor as “you (expletives) that have never evacuated a MAJOR city during a hurricane.”

If you can AFFORD (Yeah, I said it) to evacuate, you need gas or a means of transportation to get to one of the buses headed out/shelters.

— Kam Franklin (@KamFranklin) August 27, 2017

She brought up some of the factors that folks who have never been forced to evacuate might not consider, like the fact that many people are forced to face the heartbreaking decision to leave their pets.

YOU'RE PETS AREN'T WELCOME AT MOST SHELTERS FYI. Did your judgemental ass know that? Bye bye