Huzzah, we say!

Here is the exclusive (until someone lifts the link it because this is the Internet) premier of “There Is No Exit Here,” a 62-minute film directed by Xetas’ Kana Harris about, well, Xetas.

Xetas, here for you (photo: 12XU/Xetas)

I mean, man -- between Xetas, SuperThief, the Cherubs reunion that is like nine times better than it has any right to be, USA/Mexico (also on 12XU) and Borzoi (I know I am forgetting someone), Austin noise rock -- as elemental a part of ATX music as blues or Americana or folk -- is having quite a little moment. Long may it last. 

Shot entirely on an iPhone 5, “No Exit” captures the Austin trio in preparation for and during their summer 2017 tour in support of their totally excellent second album, ‘The Tower’. Featuring bandmates David Lee Petro and Jay Dilick, “No Exit Here” is a joyful, funny look at contemporary DIY rock music in all its traditions, complications and everyday ecstasies. Share and enjoy.