A.B. Quintanilla, brother of slain Tejano star Selena, was arrested during a courthouse appearance in Corpus Christi on Wednesday.

Quintanilla was in court over accusations of nonpayment of child support. He was placed on the Nueces County Sheriff’s Office’s Top 10 Most Wanted list at the beginning of August for missing a court hearing.  He missed another court hearing earlier this month.

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Though he did pay more than $98,000 in child support and attorney's fees on Wednesday, Corpus Christi TV station KIII TV reported, Judge Missy Medary ordered him to be taken into custody.

#ABQuintanilla is taken into custody following child support hearing pic.twitter.com/oPcvWJZBse

— Rachel Denny Clow (@CallerClow) August 16, 2017