It’s good to be back in the livestreaming saddle after a short vacation break!

Today, I tried a handful of Texas products that have been part of H-E-B’s Quest for Texas Best competition in recent years,
including a chipotle yogurt dip from
Dip It and cream cheese-filled bagel bites from
Bagel Dots, and went on a little rant about overpriced lactation cookies, protein-packed chocolate chip cookies that need better marketing
and packaging and a frozen gumbo I really wanted to like but found disappointing.

(Next week, I’ll be judging that grocery contest with several other food professionals from around the state who are coming
to Austin to the event. It’s a two-day competition, so hopefully they’ll let me Instagram and tweet from behind the scenes.)

I also tried some brownies that my editor, Emily Quigley, made for my birthday, which was a few weeks ago. Turns out, she
used a boxed mix and added dried cherries, cinnamon and chocolate chips. I’ve been so focused on
from-scratch brownies lately, but I realized her additions to the boxed mix are a great #
Austin360Cooks tip!

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