Hurtling down a man-made lake with skis on your feet, then launching yourself from a 5-foot, wedge-shaped ramp, feels sort of like getting shot out of a cannon.

Not that I’d know about the cannon part, although this is my Year of Adventure and I’m open to all sorts of challenges. (No, please do not alert the circus.)

I tried ski jumping yesterday (with mixed results) at the invitation of long-time ski jumper Rhett Stone, who has retired from the sport after having too many hips replaced.

Fit City tried ski jumping at Aquaplex this week.

I’d put on water skis a few times growing up, then got serious about 13 years ago and learned to run a slalom course. These days I ski once a week before work. I love it. But jumping? Never.

Under the guidance of Jimmy Siemers, a former world champion and record holder, I made two passes over the jump.

How’d it end? Less than gracefully. Look for my story in the Austin American-Statesman and Austin360 soon.