Don’t even take the time to noodle it. One of the cheesiest festivals in town is getting a sophomore outing.

Austin’s second Mac & Cheese Festival, hosted by Austin Food Magazine, is set for Nov. 19. You can add the Facebook event to your calendar, but ticket prices and packages will be announced in August, according to the magazine. Tickets go on sale Aug. 21. This year’s festival will be held at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, which Austin Food Magazine says “will provide a much larger space more ticket’s than last year’s festival.”

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If you’ll recall, the inaugural mac lover’s dream was held at Historic Scoot Inn. That event quickly sold out; more than 200 tickets were snatched up within a day. So if you’re serious about your dairy decadence, you’ll need to jump on this quick.

Austin Food Magazine promises several ticket options this year, including a Mac & Cheese Wine Dinner and a Mac & Cheese Brunch before the eventual Grand Tasting, as well as a VIP option. Endorphins come free with purchase.


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