Robert Youens stitched together 34 images to create a spherical panoramic image of downtown Austin. Click on the link in the blog to experience the image. Photo by Robert Youens

In case you’ve never hovered high over the intersection of Sixth and Guadalupe streets, Robert Youens can help.

Just click on this link to see a spherical panorama image taken by the Austin-based licensed commercial drone pilot and owner of Camera Wings Aerial Photography.

It’s pretty close to what I’d have seen, if I’d been brave e

nough to turn around and actually look when I rappelled down the W Austin Hotel a few weeks ago.

Youens flew his drone downtown to capture the image, which is actually a collection of 34 photographs stitched together.

The company makes the images to help architects designing buildings. With a spherical panorama, they can see what a building looks like from different altitudes. Architectural animators can also build virtual reality views of huge skyscrapers using the same type of technology.