Doughnut make a mistake: When it comes to decadent food, few eateries around Austin can compete with the wild creations at Gourdough’s. 

Buzzfeed compiled a list of 22 of the “craziest doughnuts from around the country” and featured the local trailer/“Public House” for its “Squealing Pig.”

“Crazy” accurately describes the dish, which tops a hot doughnut with cream cheese icing, bacon, strawberry jalapeño jelly and candied jalapeños. If you like sweet, spicy and savory, this is up your alley. 

The “Squealing Pig” is available at the Gourdough’s Public House on South Lamar Boulevard. After taking a closer look, bringing a friend to share in the indulgence might not be a bad idea. 

Squealing with joy after eating this #bigfatdonuts #squealingpig